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Ping Monster is a freeware ping monitoring tool that comes with some alert actions including email and sound alerts and HTTP post.

  • Ping Monster Setup (install package)
  • Ping Monster (just the executable)
  • Luna Game (for Android)

    Luna on Google Play

    Apple Horse Game

    Apple Horse Platforms:
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Facebook
  • Windows 64
  • Hide-and-Seek for Windows

    Connect your Tk102b to google maps with Hide-and-Seek for Windows

     A Freeware GPS Tracker for Tk102b

    (developed by Zola Lab)
    Hide-and-Seek, it is an application for windows which provides communication with TK102b via GPRS, listening on a TCP port of your computer (default port is 35100). The software will receive packets from TK102b and convert them to coordinates in google maps format. Besides, it allows to write the coordinates into a HTML file, or post it through an external URL.

    Hint: Click the coordinates to open the maps inside of Hide-and-Seek, or just double-click to open an external web browser.

    OS Platform: Windows

    Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0

    Tags: Hide-and-Seek GPS Tracker TK102b Tracking GPS Google Maps Tk102

    Download it: here